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Whatsapp, the birthday trick arrives: here's how it works

Whatsapp, the birthday trick arrives: here’s how it works

Let’s find out what the cybercriminals came up with this time, who once again used Whatsapp for their shady conveniences

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a birthday We are all better. At one time, this slogan seemed more appropriate, but nowadays it looks like one of the most pseudo-slogans Common places. If for some it is an occasion for celebration and joy, for others it is for others Another opportunity to make fun of others.

This is the case of the hackers who created one for this occasion New scam, using one of the most popular tools during the holidays, i.e. The WhatsApp. Let’s try to understand how to achieve this and first of all what countermovements can be carried out Avoid falling into the trap.

Whatsapp: How does the new Christmas trick work

In practice it is a message that is sent on the application note instant message. In the content there is the possibility to receive a special greeting or a holiday gift simply by doing so click that it hyperlink attached.

Once you open the link A Trojans allowing suspected criminals to reach Victim’s information. So even if this kind of message was coming from an acquaintance (who might have already been deceive), it is good to be careful and above all not to open it.

Unfortunately, everything has become more realistic through the use of Popular Brands and Pages. Plus they are there too Comments from the alleged participants (complete with profiles) who claim to have won the prize.

As a result, it is not entirely easy to avoid danger, especially for the more advanced generations, who are not properly accustomed to Technology devices Perhaps unaware of the risks inherent in the network and on Implementation.

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Another often played card hacker It is to focus on what people like after their studies social network. So even when a file Link For a potential gift that we are likely to love, it should be discarded completely.

Furthermore, precautions must be taken to protect themselves from any kind of attack. Examples are Create complex passwordsAnd Using multi-factor authentication or two-step authentication and updating the operating system on smartphones and computers. They can be security solutions when problems arise.