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Irina Karamanos: the companion of the new Chilean president who does not want to be called the first lady

Irina Karamanos: the companion of the new Chilean president who does not want to be called the first lady

Don’t call her the first lady. Nor is the President’s girlfriend. And no, not even ‘initial checkers’. Irina Karamanos is an anthropologist and sociologist, who speaks four languages ​​and leads the feminist front in Social Convergence. And yes, he also has a relationship with the president-elect of Chile, Gabriel Borek, for nearly three years. but how explain In her interviews, now that her name is more popular in the country, “all political situations, starting with a figure like the first lady, must be rethought” because the feminist is linked to the interpersonal relationships between a person. who holds the position of President.

girlfriend of the president

Borek, after seeing the headlines identifying the comrade as “the president’s girlfriend” and deleting her name, replied: “Irina Karamanos is her name.” Hence Karmanos’ opinion of the role of the “primary checkers” became the subject of debate in the country. “It’s a situation worth rethinking because at different times, so many things have changed and so we have to rethink the power and the relationships that stem from it,” Karamanos explained. rebuilding the scientist Before the victory of his electoral comrade, who brought Chile the most left-wing government since the era of Salvador Allende.

“Irina, besides being a polyglot, is an artist. She drew an artichoke and said it represented her very much, because I tried to extract every petal from an artichoke to reach its heart. So I saved it as Chofi On my phone ”, said the president on TV. «We like to imagine a future together, and also live this amazing present that we touched. Love passes from there. We connect chofo e Shuva, artichoke We like artichokes very much.”

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Who is Irina Karamanos?

Karamanos, daughter of a former leader of the Greek community in Chile, is 32, still writing the scientistA calm and firm speech. Her background in the social sciences features studies in education, anthropology, cultural management, and citizenship training. “We are partners in life and in politics as well, so it was very encouraging to see people telling us their ideas, starting conversations, that’s how this campaign was,” she says. She was described by the Chilean media as the political advisor and confidant of Borek, and reported on her crucial role in gathering information. 34mil Signatures to register his coalition in the electoral struggle that ended with him being brought to the Palacio de la Moneda. With Gabriel we are part of the same political project, sharing these concrete beliefs and hopes to contribute to building an alternative society. This is the horizon and the main responsibility today, ” explain Karamanos alla testata cilena third.

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