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WhatsApp on a new smartphone: how not to lose all data from your old mobile phone

WhatsApp on a new smartphone: how not to lose all data from your old mobile phone

By changing your smartphone, you also need to transfer the WhatsApp application, but how should you proceed so as not to lose all the data?

WhatsApp is a very popular application. It has more than 2 billion users worldwide. But what happens when we buy a new cell phone? How can we save our data and have it immediately accessible?

WhatsApp How not to lose data when changing mobile phones – (

WhatsApp is a very important tool for quick messaging through which you can send audio, photos, and videos in a very intuitive way. In Italy it has 33 million users. Since 2016 it has been free. In 2020, the person responsible for this application in the development and technology sector announced on Twitter at the time that 100 billion messages had been reached daily.

The problem arises when it comes time to replace our smartphone with another. Electronic devices have now become memory archiving systems, but they have also become useful work tools. And all this also applies to applications. But how do you bring old data to your new phone?

WhatsApp: All the steps so you don't lose anything along the way

When purchasing a new mobile phone Transferring WhatsApp to a new device is one of the hurdles to overcome Especially for those who are not familiar with IT. But don't worry, because it is much easier and faster than expected. To continue with Android You need to open the app, go to Settings, then Chat, and finally Chat backup. At this point we must Click “Backup” Wait a few minutes for the chats to be saved to the Google Drive account connected to your phone.

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WhatsApp from old phone to new
WhatsApp How to transfer it to your new phone – (

For those who want, we can set the backup to start automatically when we want. And for everything to go smoothly it is It is essential that the owner has sufficient memory available On your Google account, otherwise the backup of chats, videos and photos will not be saved successfully. This also applies to the old phone which should have enough storage space to save the data and later transfer it to the new phone.

What about the iPhone? Things are very similar because Saved to iCloud, Apple's cloud is where data is stored. In this case also, you have to go to the chat, then go to the backup chat and To make a backup. You then need to download WhatsApp on the new smartphone and follow the instructions to load the data from the last save. All this can be done in just a few minutes.