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WhatsApp details about the new search mode

WhatsApp details about the new search mode

A new search mode is coming to WhatsApp. what is he talking about? Let’s find out all the details about the innovative aspect being tested by the developers.

Innovative search mode on WhatsApp (

WhatsApp And other messaging applications have radically changed our habits, both in the practical and professional sphere and from the point of view of personal relationships.

Compared to the “old” SMS, in fact, WhatsApp allows you to do just that Send instant text messages instantly to any contact, but not only. Indeed, in chat it will be possible to exchange not only text information, but also photos, videos, emoticons, memes, links and much more. Everything is simple Using your internet connection (Wi-Fi or data connection).

It will also be possible to open a single chat with a single contact or write in a group chat with a variable number of other users. Personalization is what made this app so popular among young people, but not only.

In fact, everyone now has a WhatsApp account and spends many hours of their day on this instant messaging app.

Periodically, the WhatsApp developer group does everything it can to make using this platform simpler and safer. Let’s find out all the details below New search mode in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, everything you need to know about the new search mode

Users who own the beta testing tool can discover previews News suggested by WhatsApp developers, and start using them several weeks earlier than “regular” users. During the trial phase, developers will then decide whether they want to make the innovation actually reach the public or reject it.

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Use WhatsApp
WhatsApp and new search mode available (

there are many News coming to WhatsApp. In fact, the developers are working hard to make the features easier for all the users who use the world’s most popular instant messaging app on a daily basis.

One of them, for example, involves the use of artificial intelligence in conversations. Currently, this capability is reserved for beta test users only and is therefore in the testing phase.

But there are many new features on WhatsApp. In the next paragraph we will let you know about it New research method being created and tested.

Details about this news

The news in question concerns a new update to the beta application for Android, regarding Search capabilities -Referring to the tape- To different users by name.

the gate WABetaInfo He explained how this innovation could represent a real turning point for all users, where yes It will improve privacy on WhatsApp in general, Ease of communication between people.

This new search mode will be done by username, Without necessarily committing to sharing your personal number. A real turning point that can increase everyone’s security and privacy online.

However, this configuration will be My choice It is not mandatory, so you can customize your profile better.