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What’s really happening will disgust you

What’s really happening will disgust you

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Not washing your hair for a week has major effects. Not everyone may know this, and some even underestimate its effects.

There are quite a few people who wash their hair every day. This must be acknowledged For some it is not a habit But it is a real necessity. And just think of everyone who works where their hair becomes saturated with unpleasant odors, such as those who work in fast food restaurants. Without looking at those who train every day.

For them, it is necessary to shower and wash their hair every day, but these are exceptions. For everyone else, shampooing every day is fine Not highly recommended. Experts say it is a practice that can damage hair beyond repair.

The damage to your hair is not caused by washing it daily, but rather by the products you use. Regularly marketed shampoos are full of Silicone and parabenWhich harms hair. At the same time, they can create problems Hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons.

Not washing your hair for a week allows you to notice truly unexpected results.

How to shampoo and when

The general advice given to anyone who wants to protect their hair from the potential damage it may cause is not to wash their hair more than twice a week. Of course, you also need to know Choose the right products To use, choose the best shampoo. In recent years, interest in the quality of cosmetics, including shampoo, has increased significantly and many companies have decided to offer completely natural products.

In addition to choosing the right products for your hair, you need to take into account, for example, Your water hardnessEven if it’s not easy. Finally, be careful not to use it Too hot water or hair dryer air temperature too high. If you like to use hair straighteners and irons, we recommend using a heat protectant.

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Shampoo – – Source: Depositphotos

What happens if you don’t use shampoo for a week?

Taking a break from shampooing for at least a week can produce truly amazing results. It will actually produce hair Revitalized and thicker hair. A really great result, especially for anyone with very thin hair.

Obviously, taking into account that a lot of moisture accumulates on the hair if itching or sebum accumulation occurs, it is necessary to start washing. But if possible it is better to wash your hair 1 time per week.