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Elodie, before and after is truly stunning: she is unrecognizable in this outfit

Elodie, before and after is truly stunning: she is unrecognizable in this outfit

Elodie, the before and after of the artist that leaves you speechless. Dressed like this he is completely unrecognizable.

When we talk about Elodie We are undoubtedly quoting from a tremendous artist and with to Big letters and multifaceted for sure. In fact, he not only sings divinely, but also… He also knows how to dance and act great. She knows how to lead and is in high demand Form and certificate For various brands and many companies.

And last but not least, she is considered a real tiger. An icon of style and elegance. A beautiful woman with a body that is nothing short of amazing. It exudes sensuality and femininity from every pore. He makes his many fans dream with an open mouth every time He shares a snapshot of himself On his official Instagram profile which has a huge following.

She loves herself, loves herself, and respects herself. He feels good about his body And he has no problem showing it. However, years ago, she was more reluctant to do so as well because FrShe was very shy and insecure at times. Let’s talk about the time when it became widely known by professionals and the general public thanks to friends.

elodie, before and after For the artist

In the Court of Maria De Filippi He won us over with his warm, raspy and powerful voice. Among his first fans was his coach whatever brown And the judge Loredana BurtShe has been touched several times after her singing performances in the studio. Elodie didn’t win But she came in second place during the very popular final, where her friend and colleague emerged victorious Sergio Silvestre.

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Despite this, she never left the wider world of music, as well as the world of entertainment in general Her rise was unstoppable. He released many successful singles and albums and started very important collaborations. Little by little I got bigger and bigger She has also changed different looks in terms of hair and more. Do you remember her from the time she participated in Father of all talents? How she was dressed From Queen Mary.


Tanned like this friends

In the Court of Maria De Filippi She appeared with the gods Short pink baby hair Which he continued after that for a short period of time. In fact, he quickly decided so Choose platinum blonde. Her hair became longer and she often showed herself with hair Braids Afro. Then focus on the dark shadows.

today He has a long and perfectly smooth crowBright and silky. Her clothes are very stylish and fun too I see and do not see. Her amazing body Her gorgeous curves It was clearly highlighted and even the makeup was very present and studied down to the last detail. And it is, the more time passes, the more it increases Become a great singer.