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What happens to sports justice

What happens to sports justice

Napoli is accused of false accounting regarding the Osimhen deal in the summer of 2020. the Prosecutor's Office in Romewhich inherited the investigation from that Naples In June, he identified some of them Violations In the process that brought the Nigerian to Naples For 71 million, but Napoli paid 21 million of it night Card of the Greek Guardian Orestes Carnezis Above all, who Three guys Footballers then literally It disappeared from the radar (No one plays professionally now): Luigi Liguori, Claudio Manzi and Ciro Palmieri. The same guys declared that they had never spoken to Lil W I didn't even go to France to sign Contract.

The key to the accusation of false accounting

This could be it key toaccusation Of false accounting by Romanian prosecutors Lorenzo del Giudice and Giorgio Urano, who requested the indictment (to be decided at a trial session)court session Initial that has not yet been fixed and certainly will not happen in a very short time). And on a level Sports justice? Federal prosecutor Giuseppe China He asked the Rome prosecutor's office for papers and would likely open a file file. I Naplesexactly like Juventuswas acquitted of the charge Capital Gains Issue April 2022. The papers of the Turin prosecutor's office then reopened the trial Juventus resulting in a 10-point penalty and the disqualification of the management group. It will be the same for Naples? It's hard to say now: it depends on what Cheney finds in the cards. Certainly the logic that Juventus was convicted of, i.e.“Sports betrayal” of Article 4, could also apply to this case Osimhen If the scam was identified the three fake players would actually be sent to Lille.

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