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What happens and how do you defend yourself?

What happens and how do you defend yourself?

What happens in Postpaid (of different types) hundreds of users Italian Post That there is less money in your account? It actually happened a few weeks ago and these daysCharging for unauthorized payments.

Unauthorized payments come largely from a store digital like google browser NS An apple They appear under “Others/Shopping and Services”.

It is a fee of small amounts, From 4 euros to 8 euros, but it is not limited to one transmission which is repeated up to 7-10 times per day, for a total of up to 60 euros per day. In these cases, how do you defend yourself and how do you act?

Postepay: unauthorized payments

There are hundreds of reports across Italy of users finding strange withdrawals on their card. These unauthorized payments are made on Postepay Standard, Evolution, and other types, including reloadable cards like the N26.

Suspicious unauthorized payments, under the heading “Others / Shopping and Services”, come on behalf of digital stores such as Google and Apple for game services and other daily and recurring subscriptions.

For the sake of no doubts, here is the wording in which the unauthorized transition is given (eg Google):

Google Store: * Google Play G.CO/Help

Postepay, how much is unauthorized payments?

The value of each unauthorized transfer on Postepay can range from -4.41€ to -8.84€.

The problem with these small numbers, as well as their lack of clarity about them, is their frequency: they occur up to 10 times a day. You can spend between 30-35 euros up to 60-65 euros per day, for several days in a row.

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Postepay scams: what to do?

The first step to take in this case is Separate your payment method from GooglePay or ApplePay, if it is related. In fact, unauthorized payments may occur even without connecting the card to the payment method for digital services.

The second step is Report what happened to the Reporting Service of Poste Italiane. The toll-free number, active 24 hours a day, is 800.00.33.22. Linking the card can be to block the card, in fact the card will be blocked either for unauthorized payments or for their own payments.

You have to do it in the end Make a complaint Against unknown persons and with a copy of this you can request a refund of the amount unlawfully deducted from your account.

Postepay scams: How to request a refund?

Once you get a copy of the complaint from the Carabinieri you are ready for it Send a refund request To Poste Italiane, who has a duty to prevent similar cases of unauthorized theft of money, and thus compensates for deception.

It may happen that an order to Google and Apple stores will be enough for a refund, but it is always better to notify Poste Italiane of everything.

To request a refund, a warning must be drafted with a copy of the account statement and complaint attached to the refund request. Payment notice must be sent by registered mail or (for a faster resolution) by PEC.

Postepay, less money on the card
Below are the most recent card transactions in which unauthorized funds have been stolen by the owner.
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