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Green Boss warns investigators: "Increasing protests and resistance against extremists"

Green Boss warns investigators: “Increasing protests and resistance against extremists”

The enactment of the law mandating all workers to obtain a green pass will become an “excuse” for “more” Tightening the tones“Of struggle. What kind of austerity?” Objectives exposed to danger “and” Actions “with possible episodes. Opposition between groups that pursue counter-terrorism“. It was written by the Chief of Police Lamberto Giannini In a circular prepared considering the coming into force of the Green Pass duty. Teachers and guards are asked, “a The structure of the required stiffness“Equipment that guarantees all events” in accordance with the rules and regulations so as to avoid disruptions and to ensure the maintenance of public order “.

The document also marks an earlier note sent to Questors immediately after Saturday’s clashes in Rome.Monitoring and security measures“For all major sites and targets,” to ensure adequate preventive but effective combat No illegal behavior“Summary: Maximum warning in view Friday, October 15. Among other things, after” critical problems “in maintaining public order in Rome last Saturday, the Interior Ministry has developed a plan of action against it. Green certificate. The eyes of the capital for the event moved from the police headquarters Horse’s mouth In Circus Maximus, “a High number More people than announced by the advertiser “- happened precisely on October 9- and the removal of the seat in the” offices involved in managing election consultations “- but in all Italian cities it is cautious.

The Department of Public Safety, With a circular, warned forecasters and questers about corporate gateways, airports, ports, road junctions, motorways and pre-railway hazards. Interference with the regulation of services and production activities“. A procession is planned in Florence, which was announced by a leaflet spread on social media, which will start at 10.30 Santa Maria is not a novel. Savona’s base single Confederation Cup has instead announced a guard in front of the prefecture. TO Trieste, Dock strike, where organizers said, “There will be 30 thousand people from all over ItalyIn Milan, however, the protest against the Green Pass was postponed to Saturday, October 16 at 5 p.m. piazza Fontana.

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Already yesterday at the conclusion of a meeting of the Ministry of Interior, the National Committee for Order and Security, announced the monitoring services of websites and strengthened. Social website“To identify who is organizing the controversies. Minister Louisiana Lamorgis, About the duration of the upcoming struggles, defines herself as “demanding”, so she has decided to intensify “measures to prevent possible causes of disturbance” by strengthening the surveillance and surveillance equipment of the territory. “Main objectives.” Is scheduled. At the same time, Rallies to close election campaigns Among the two candidates for the race for the Capitol. Enrico Michetti He will speak from Combo de Fiori at 6pm, at Piazza del Popolo, at 5pm, he will be there Roberto QualteriPiazza was ‘expelled’ from San Giovanni for organizing an anti-fascist demonstration on Saturday, October 16 CGIL, Sisal e Uil.