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Weather trend December 2022 - Europe between Atlantic and Russian cold.  Here's the trend until Christmas « 3B Meteo

Weather trend December 2022 – Europe between Atlantic and Russian cold. Here’s the trend until Christmas « 3B Meteo

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Weather Trend December 5-12 2022. According to the latest modeling extensions of the European ECMWF model, it will be a week of varied dynamic conditions, with a good chance of first real cold and first snowfall in Italy, especially at firm low altitudes in the north. A large positive geodesic height anomaly at 500 hPa located between Greenland and Scandinavia would support the descent of cold air masses from Russia. At the same time, the negative anomaly established in Western Europe will lead to the development of cyclogenesis in the Mediterranean Sea, which in a cold environment will cause snowfalls at low altitudes in the North, while a temperate and rainy climate will cover the Central and South. Italy.

Weather Trend 12-19 December 2022. The situation has not changed much in the following week according to the European model, although the positive geodesic height anomaly in Eastern Europe and the axis of anomalies in the meridians are higher. In this type of situation they seem to be favored by moist and mild southerly currents, so both temperatures and precipitation are above average for the period.

Weather Trend 19-26 December 2022. Given the negative anomaly in the Atlantic during Christmas week, the polar vortex seems to be showing signs of awakening. In this environment, the climate will be stable and moderate across the peninsula, with temporary disturbances in the north. However, the large positive anomaly remaining in eastern Europe keeps alive the possibility of cold descent, especially towards the Adriatic regions and southern Italy.

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