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Weather forecast.  Between anticyclone and weak disturbances, clear deterioration is expected from Friday « 3B Meteo

Weather forecast. Between anticyclone and weak disturbances, clear deterioration is expected from Friday « 3B Meteo

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Weather January 4-5
Weather January 4-5

situation. The weak disturbance that reached northern Italy yesterday evening moved towards the middle-lower Tyrrhenian Sea areas, causing a certain deterioration in the weather, but allowing a return to more stable conditions in the north. Meanwhile The flow of westerly currents flows actively along the upper edge of the anticyclone, Positioned at Mediterranean latitudes, a new weak front will reach the western Alps by evening and then rapidly flow eastward along the Alpine region. In fact, it cannot affect the weather in the rest of Italy, except for the permanence of irregular concentrations on the Tyrrhenian side exposed to westerly moist flows. From Friday 5th January it will be a turn of a new and more organized chaos, is driven by a deepening vortex over western Europe, which will clearly degenerate the anticyclone. Here are the details:

Weather for the next hour. Al Nord Improving from the morning with gradual clearing from the northwest to Triveneto, except for persistent thickness in eastern Liguria and Friuli Vig. A few cases of light snow in Valle d'Aosta and Upper Piedmont from 1300 meters in the Western Alps in the evening, with some banks of fog forming along the Po route. Center Cloudy in the inner parts of the Tyrrhenian regions and some scattered and intermittent drizzle in Umbria, easing in the evening. Sunny on the Adriatic side. to Suth Cloudy in the Tyrrhenian regions with light rain across Campania and Calabria, dry and sunny elsewhere, except thickening in the west of Sardinia. The temperature usually rises.

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Weather Thursday 4 January. Stable weather in Italy, except for residual rain in the southern Tyrrhenian sector, easing during the day and light snow until early morning in the mid-west bordering Alps above 1200m. In the evening it will also rain in northern Sardinia. It is noteworthy that in the Po valley, especially in the Veneto sector, there are banks of fog until the morning.

Friday 5 January. Worsening in the northwest, Sardinia and the central-northern Tyrrhenian sector, rain and rain intensify and extend to the northeast, sometimes snowing in the Alps from 600/800 m altitude, sometimes mixed with rain in the Cuneo plain. area. More intense events in Liguria, Lower Piedmont, Lombardy, Upper Triveneto in the evening. Rain intensifying during the day in Tuscany, especially in the north, with weaker events in Lazio and Umbria. Good weather prevails in southern regions. Sirocco winds up. Temperatures drop in the north. For evolution until Epiphany weekend Click here.

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