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Weather, “Extremely Extreme Events”.  Atlantic Flow, Sotocorona: Weather worsening

Weather, “Extremely Extreme Events”. Atlantic Flow, Sotocorona: Weather worsening

“Some cloudy parts in Italy but rain now”. La7 Meteorologist Paolo Sotocorona Delivers Monday 11 December forecast For the next few days. Precipitation mainly affects the north and mid-west, while more threatening clouds form over France and the nearby Atlantic. Their road, at least in theory, “passes” through Italy. Today’s forecast calls for “more clears than clouds and some very light rain in regions” in the south, the expert explains. “These are the gray days, where the amount of precipitation is really low,” Sotocorona says. In the north we are talking about precipitation only in the sleet and alpine regions, although beyond the border Strong bad weather And we may have something coming in terms of snow and rain.

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On Tuesday 12 December “a similar situation prevails in most of Italy, partly uncertain and gray days without particularly significant rain”, explains the meteorologist. The strongest events are beyond the Alps, with “a really chaotic flow that won’t cross the Alps until at least Tuesday though, because something is definitely moving in on Wednesday”. Therefore, Wednesday 13 December is expected to worsen in other parts of the north, except for the Piedmont areas which may be protected by the “Alpine Arc”. heavy rain Very strong in some cases” which becomes moderate in the inner parts of the center and on the Tyrrhenian side. The minimum temperature rises slightly in the central-south, but overall is not too low for the period.

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