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Using computers and smartphones can speed up aging: Here's why

Using computers and smartphones can speed up aging: Here’s why

A team of researchers has discovered that a certain type of light can have special effects on the body

computer as well smart phone, the tablet and so on, revolutionized the life of mankind: thanks to the invention of this device, it is now possible (and will become more and more in the future) the exploitation of technology in the most diverse daily operations, from the most complex and decisive for our species to the most vulgar, sterile times and especially entertainment. But beware, a feature has appeared in computers that can speed up aging. This was proven by a study conducted by Oregon State University (USA) and the results of which were published in the journal frontiers in old age.

What is happening

According to American researchers, excessive exposure to blue light emitted from computer screens (but also to television screens or any other technological device) causeAltering molecular mechanisms Which actually helps with cell aging. Scientists came to this conclusion after conducting an experiment on midges, which were kept in dark blue light for two weeks. What was observed was a sharp decrease in the molecules responsible for neural communication after exposure to blue light. This phenomenon represents an imperfect state of the cells, which is an obvious symptom of premature aging. What do midges have in common with humans? Cell signaling chemicals are the same…

Experts’ words

blue light – Polish biologist Jadwiga Giebultowicz, one of the study’s authors, explained – It increases levels of succinate, a substance essential for allowing cells to function and grow. However, having high levels of succinate is like having gasoline in a pump but not in a car… LED lights have become the main lighting in computer screens, phones, and televisions, as well as in lighting environments, and thus exposure to blue light has multiplied exponentially compared to the past. So there is a possibility that this type of light can have negative and degrading effects on humans as well“. Read on…

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