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“Soon you’ll be much happier. We’ll save the American dream.” The by-elections are an occasion for that Donald Trump 2024 presidential bid to taunt his supporters once again. During the three-and-a-half-hour rally in Pennsylvania, the president mentioned only a handful of times the Republicans running for America in the midterms and elections. The rest showcases all the classics of his talent, from attacks on the “corrupt” media to accusations against the “socialist” Biden of subverting America. With one important innovation: a parody of Republican Ron DeSantis, for whom he coined the nickname ‘De Sanctimonius’. A sign that the former president fears the governor and sees him as the only viable contender in a potential challenge to the primary.

If you want to save the American dream, vote Republican this electionTrump disembarked from his designer plane from a platform set up on the runway at Latrobe Airport. A typical ‘The Donald’ takes to the stage at a rally in Pennsylvania with the words ‘Make America Great Again’, ‘Macho Man’ in the background, Mehmet Oz in a red baseball cap and Tor Mastriano as a mere extra. “Democrats are either stupid or they hate this country,” Joe said, attacking the former president, accusing Biden of “socialist and extremist policies.” Destroyed America. “The media is corrupt. They are the enemy of the people “, he thunders. “The only thing the Democrats do well is misinformation and disrupting the elections”, he asks his supporters “a big red wave”, the color of the Republicans “to crush the socialists in the election.” “So the usual reference to the 2020 elections, the president continues to argue, was “rigged and stolen.” Trump’s speech, as the former president himself explained, was largely given off the cuff. Strong winds made it impossible to read the monitors, and foreign policy had a place. “Biden Lets Russia Destroy Ukraine. China Against Taiwan Will Be Next.

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And finally, the icing on the cake for fans chanting “Four more years, four more years.” “I won’t say it right now…but I promise you, in a very short time you will be very happy,” Trump says. There is no official announcement yet, it will happen in mid-November, but it will be a step forward. The biggest obstacle on his way to the White House, however, is Florida’s young governor, who is almost half his age and who many consider his version 2.0. The former president knows this and dedicates it to him, not to Biden, the last thrust of his meeting. “Ron Desanctimonius”, meaning moralist, hypocrite, coined another offensive nickname for one of his opponents after the famous ‘Crooked Hillary’, ‘Sleepy Joe’, ‘Crazy Nancy Pelosi’.

Not satisfied, Trump has shown a series of polls on the big screen, according to which he is favored to win the presidential election against Republicans among Republicans.

A few hours later, in a preview of a possible challenge to the Republican primary for 2024, both the former president and the governor found themselves in Florida: in Miami against the president, Senator Marco Rubio, de Santis on the beach and participating in several election demonstrations in three counties. As Biden flies to New York in a radical effort to rouse the state’s Democratic base to victory, Gov. Kathy Hochul seems hard pressed.