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USA USA - Tough commitment to OA Sport

USA USA – Tough commitment to OA Sport

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Hello friends of OA Sport and welcome to our live life of the challenge of the Olympic Basketball Tournament between the United States and the Czech Republic. After an incredible series of defeats, the USA team, which ended in defeat in the opening match of the Games against France, finally opened the way by knocking down moderate Iran on the Netsimo route.

However, the Czech Republic is an association with a completely different ranking compared to Iran, and this represents a very difficult test bed for Durant and his comrades.. In fact, the European team can count on great players like Dome Sodoransky, who has been playing in the NBA for five years and currently wears the Chicago Bulls jersey and John Wesley.

However, America starts out as a favorite because there is still a clear gap between the two lists in terms of talent. If the current champions play as they know it, the Czech Republic will have little to do. The challenge between Team USA and the Czech Republic starts at 14.00, so by that time we offer you a meeting. I recommend, do not miss.

Photo: Lapresse

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