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Unpaid car tax, there is an amnesty in 2024: you must do this immediately

Unpaid car tax, there is an amnesty in 2024: you must do this immediately

Amnesty for unpaid car tax – Source –

Good news for motorists: Here's how to tackle non-payment of car taxes, but with one condition.

Among the taxes most disliked by Italians there is without a doubt Car taxIt is an annual cost that must be paid just to pay for the car. Therefore, it must be paid regardless of whether the car is actually driving on the road or not, and this is indeed one of the reasons why many see the tax as a real injustice.

As with other mandatory car contracts, You always have to be in orderThe same laws applicable in the field of insurance and inspection apply, and if you are caught driving without paying the car tax for the current year, then… Penalties They can be a lot too authority. Paying taxes is a civic dutyEven if the data on tax evasion in our country makes it clear that there is still a lot to be worked on on this issue.

But the good news is that for those who haven't paid their car tax now Pardon arrives: It will help those who find themselves indebted to this debt to repay it, as well as state coffers, and here shows why and what the new law stipulates.

Car tax forgiveness, in which case you pay off the debt

Regarding car tax, 2024 represents a good start for motorists. In fact, one is planned Amnesty for late payments between 2000 and 2015, But only in numbers Not exceeding 1000 euros: This is an important measure that will help hundreds of motorists.

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In addition, all provisions remain in effect Exemptions already expected in 2023: Below we list some of them, read on to see if you too can order them and pay less for this annoying tax.

Exemption from car tax on electric cars - source -
Exemption from car tax for electric cars – source –

Car tax credits, here are some cases where you don't pay (or pay less)

The good news doesn't end there: each individual region offers different areas Exemptions or significant discounts As for the car tax, here's what you can ask to pay less for that annoying tax.

Let's start with cars electricity And give them hybrid: In this case, the exemption is a way to stimulate the purchase of vehicles with low (or zero) environmental emissions. Vehicles over 30 years old, and those used to transport people with disabilities and non-profit organizations, also do not pay the tax.