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United States, Biden: Vaccines and treatments no longer free

United States, Biden: Vaccines and treatments no longer free

Back in the US, vaccines and treatments for Covid-19 will no longer be free. It’s a decision by the Biden administration that will shift their control to the health department. Earlier, these treatments were paid for with public money, but now, with public funds depleting, operations resuming and covid cases declining, the administration is gearing up to implement the move to pay from the public. Personal.

High cost to citizens

The government’s new move will have major implications not only for companies but also for consumers. Cost increases for consumers are very likely, but profits will increase for all companies that manufacture coronavirus vaccines. As we know, not everyone in the U.S. has access to health insurance, and this measure is more accurately reflected in the uninsured population. While the government has so far guaranteed free treatments and vaccinations to all, buying them out of their own pockets, it seems that the situation is about to change.

Bitons and the coronavirus

“When my predecessor got Covid, he was flown by helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center, he got very sick, and luckily he recovered. I got Covid and worked from the top floor of the White House for five days, and that’s it. The difference is obvious in the vaccines,” he said. Joe Biden made the announcement last July on the occasion of his recovery from Covid. Turned negative and turned positive after a couple of days, Biden has always shown himself to be in favor of vaccines and promoted an awareness campaign pushing Americans. Vaccinate, and at the end of July, when he reappeared in public pretending to have recovered, Biden said of the Omicron 5 variant – the variant that infected himself – and the fight against Covid: “A new, highly contagious variant. Unfortunately he is still with us two and a half years later, but what has changed radically is Now we have the tools to fight it.” On this occasion he recalled how vaccines, recalls and tests available to Americans were “free for all”.

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