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Unhealthy pasta, survey reveals brands to stay away from: Stay healthy and never choose it

Unhealthy pasta, survey reveals brands to stay away from: Stay healthy and never choose it

Pasta – – Source: Depositphotos

A very recent survey tells us which types of pasta we should stay away from. There are some things you really should do without.

Pasta is the foundation of our diet. The whole world envy us, my dear Mediterranean dietallowing us to consume the right amount of all foods, so that we can have a healthy and balanced diet.

This is the kind of slogan that nutritionists repeat to us, those who are able to monitor our diet by giving us correct advice on how to organize our daily menus. Because ultimately well-being comes first and foremost through what we eat. This is a topic that is always in vogue.

After the documentaryYou are what you eat, twins comparison“, achieved great success in Netflixwe ask ourselves a series of questions about the foods we bring to our tables most often, starting with pasta.

For years we have been asking ourselves questions about which pasta brands are the best and which ones put our health at risk. In this sense, current research on the best-selling pasta in our supermarkets helps us.

Research related to pasta

The same noodle shape has been taken into consideration for all brands, i.e. half sleeves. Good 14 short sleeve samples Which were examined and it appears, as we will see shortly, that the results of the research were all excellent, and some samples even achieved fairly high scores.

Among the brands that were tested: Barilla, Conad, Coop, But also Eurospin, Romo and Voelo. In short, some of the brands most consumed by Italians. We looked for pesticides, substances harmful to human health, and also for cooking properties.

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Pasta -
Pasta – – Source: Depositphotos

Results achieved

One of the most dangerous substances that can be found in pasta is glyphosate. Of the 14 samples used in the research, only two brands provided an amount that could be dangerous or harmful. the Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in the world and is believed to be carcinogenic. The two brands I introduced in small quantities are Conad and Garofalo.

Brands like Barilla in bronze and co-op They provided small quantities of other pesticides, but they were not significant, considering that the quantities were 0.01 mg/kg. Regarding cooking, the best results are obtained with Barilla al Bronzo, NaturaSì, Rummo and Coop.