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"Every time, after eating...", as they found it in the bathroom - Libero Quotidiano

“Every time, after eating…”, as they found it in the bathroom – Libero Quotidiano

serious problem for Lulu Selassie in home GF VIP. According to some of the tenants, the princess was vomiting after meals. The same one who spoke of a moment of crisis during a conversation with her Manuel Portozzo. Among those who noticed his malaise there Francesca Cipriani, who spoke to other girls, and showed herself very concerned: “I don’t know if Lulu is alright. Little girl, I went to the bathroom to vomit after eating. I noticed a puppy. Girls that’s right, I think he really needs help.”

But he also noticed something strange Andrea CasalinoWho decided to talk to her directly. “Honey, isn’t it that you were in the bathroom vomiting? – he asked her -. I advise Lulu, isn’t it that you’re vomiting? I mean, because it’s something I think.” Then he admitted that he was worried about her: “I tell you with my heart in my hand. Because you know sometimes, These are the things that make you worry. Then all. ”

Faced with the suffering of her friend, Selassie denied everything and replied, “Did you throw up? But no, don’t worry.” If I vomit I say it seriously. In fact I will tell you that now I am also hungry, so I am calm. ‚ÄúDespite his words, the problem actually seems to be much bigger than that.