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Two unexpected foods in the diet of centenarians around the world: They eat them every day and don’t get sick

Two unexpected foods in the diet of centenarians around the world: They eat them every day and don’t get sick

What is the secret to becoming a centenarian? Help can come from nutrition. Here are two types of foods that extend life.

Everyone wants to know Secrets of living after 100 years. Lifespan has increased dramatically, and people over a hundred years old are no longer as rare as they used to be. Science is looking to understand how life extension worksDiet And something interesting turned out.

In particular, explorer, producer, researcher and science communicator Dan Buettner Conducted a study He shared the results and then shared them publicly in a video on social media. He has also generated a lot of interest because he claims to be aware of the matter The secret to living long.

The study focused onAnalysis of the population of Okinawa in Japan, Where life expectancy is very high and more than other places. In Italy, the province of Nuoro in Sardinia is distinguished by longevity, and another place with many centenarians is the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. What does a person eat to live long? Scientists claim that there are two types of foods that increase life expectancy.

Foods that will live a long time: What you need to eat to beat 100 years old

Show this Two types of foods In your daily diet it can be representedelixir of life According to Buettner. From the observations and analyzes conducted, the longest-living populations have two very specific foods in their eating habits.

Nuts and beans to live long
Beans and nuts: the secret of living long –

The foods in question, the ones you should eat daily if you want to live to a very old age, are i Bean no Nights. Both can be consumed frequently, every day, without side effects, says the expert. Both foods They contain a good amount of fibreThis is why it would be excellent for reducing intestinal inflammation and perhaps even the risk of serious diseases such as cancer.

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It also has a protective effect on the heart, preventing heart disease. This is because there is an abundance of it Linoleic fatty acids H Omega 3, essential elements for this purpose. Therefore, Buettner recommends consuming large amounts of these foods and identifies them as a real treat.

Clearly, identifying these two components is the “secret” to living a long time It is not a certain factma It belongs to the field of hypotheses It is formulated during the study phase. Naturally, it must be taken into account that life and its duration do not depend on such simple, material factors. Living time always has a mystery within it, which science still cannot fully explain.