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Ad agosto raggiungeremo Venere 2 volte, a solo un giorno e mezzo di distanza

Two probes from the European Space Agency and NASA will arrive on Venus in August

August 2021 It will be an important month for space exploration. Humanity will catch up Veneer, for every twice and with a 33 hour interval only. In order to make space history, it will be Solar Orbiter and BepiColombo, which will approach the second planet in the solar system on August 9 and 10.

Therefore, the journey to the center of the solar system is underway at this very moment: multiplying will provide researchers with the opportunity not only to study the environment of Venus from different places, at the same time, but also to gain access to views that are not usually adopted by planetary orbiters – for starters Orbiters are spacecraft that orbit a planet or a natural satellite, without ever landing on the surface.

What space probes will approach Venus in August

solar orbit It is the result of a collaboration between the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA. Task A Approach 7995 km The time is 04:42 UTC, which corresponds to 06:42 on August 9 Here in Italy. The “Made in Europe” orbiter will repeatedly fly over Venus by relying on gravity to approach the Sun and change its orbital tilt: fantastic views of the Sun and Venus poles are expected.

BepiColombo It was instead developed by NASA in partnership with the Japanese space agency JAXA. You will arrive in position in 15:48 on August 10 Italian time. However, the Japanese-American orbital vehicle will only pass by and will continue on its way Even Mercury, towards the innermost limits of the solar system – which, to be clear, is a veritable hell, given the impossible temperatures and gravity of the sun.

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When the sensor images come close to Venus,

What do we expect? Well, many photos, but with a quality that we are no longer used to. the shots They will all be in black and white and decision 1024 x 1024 pixels, due to the technical limitations of the technology which, however, we must remember, is on the verge of an extraordinary feat.

The first pictures will arrive on August 10thMost will be available the next day. Set alarms.

Venus continues to fascinate scientists, and it is unsurprising that it is the final destination of many expeditions, one of which is named after an Italian genius. Italy cooperates with NASA. Among the mysteries of the second planet that astronomers are looking for, what can it reveal to us How will life on earth end?.

Giuseppe Giordano