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Twitter Spaces, Important News Coming Soon: Restrictions for Users

A new rule has been imposed on Twitter Spaces, which will no longer be available to everyone. Here’s what changes

Twitter Spaces launched, but with some major user restrictions (Image: Getty)

After many discussions and rumors, we finally arrive: Twitter spaces Available to everyone. Service that is very reminiscent of us Club House It allows users to access the audio rooms for free and discuss – or alternatively listen – people about a specific topic.

Clubhouse Fashion is spreading like wildfire, and soon other platforms like The social networking site Facebook They should officially launch their services. Meanwhile, an unfortunate news goes into effect today for all those who want to pre-test Twitter Spaces: It will not be available to many users anymore. Below are all the updated parameters that the company decided to impose.

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Twitter Spaces, you need 600 followers to use the service

To access the service, you must have at least 600 followers on your profile (Image: Getty)

After long waiting , Twitter spaces Available (almost) to all users. The social platform has actually decided to impose some strict rules regarding Create audio clipsWhich actually formed an important group of people. In addition to owning an iOS or Android device, you will need to have at least one device 600 followers.

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The decision was made officially not long ago, leading most people to raise their noses. Among other novelties, it is possible Set reminders To remind everyone when the live broadcast starts. A system has also been listed Donations and admission tickets Incl. On a specific call. Lots of news that will be updated or removed based on the comments made by users In the coming weeks.

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