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Turn your iPhone into a magic wand: Be Harry Potter with Siri!

Turn your iPhone into a magic wand: Be Harry Potter with Siri!

In today’s digital world, magic and technology come together in surprising ways.

For fans of the Harry Potter saga, a particularly cool feature involves Siri, the voice assistant developed by Apple. This tool not only simplifies your daily tasks but also provides you with good performance A little bit of pottery magic Which many may not know.

Even Siri can do Harry Potter magic – (Source Pixabay)

Siri is known as a voice assistant capable of performing a wide range of tasks, from setting reminders to searching the web. However, what many iOS users may not know is this Siri also has some “magical” functions. Hidden spaces inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

These functions are not only fun but can also be useful in daily life.

Spells available

To start Use spells with SiriAll you have to do is activate the voice assistant by holding down the home button or simply saying β€œHey Siri.” Once activated, you can follow some magical commands.

If you have an iPhone, you don’t know that you also have a magic wand – (Source Canva)
  1. He is drowning: By saying this mantra, your iPhone flashlight will turn on. It’s perfect for those situations where you’re in the dark and need a little light.
  2. Nitrogen Oxides: Reversing the Lumos spell; When you need to turn off your device flashlight.
  3. Accio followed by the name of the application: This command opens the desired application directly on your iPhone without having to search for it manually.

These commands make using your device smoother and more enjoyable, adding a magical touch to your daily routine. Although the preset spells are limited to Lumos, Nox, and Accio, there’s more room to customize your magical experience Thanks to iPhone shortcuts. Shortcuts allow users to create custom actions that can be activated via Siri. For example:

  • Open Kedavra: You can configure it to turn off the device.
  • voice: This command can raise the volume to maximum in an instant.
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By configuring these shortcuts through the dedicated app on iOS, you can really take your user experience to a new magical and personal level. Demonstrates the integration of incantations into the world of technology through tools like Siri How can we be creative? In personalizing our digital interactions. Whether you’re a fan of the Harry Potter books and movies or simply interested in new interactive ways with your smartphone, using these magical commands can add a fun and effective dimension to the everyday use of your Apple device.

By incorporating these little “magic” tricks, every fan of the series can feel even more Close to his favorite fantasy world He navigates the modern technological reality.