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Tragic end for 82 years82

Tragic end for 82 years82

The “bloody feasts” continue: this time the conclusion for an elderly man who fell into a ravine is tragic.

Boroni (Pixabay)

He was working in the garden when he fell into a valley overlooking his garden, perhaps from illness or perhaps from a loss of balance.

This is the tragic end of the life of an 82-year-old Swiss national residing in Mendriziotto. TheA man slipped off a cliff around 11am on Saturday, July 3 3, while he was working in his garden.

The fall was disastrous, as the flight was about twenty meters, leaving no hope for the elderly. The news was spread by the cantonal police who rushed to the scene to provide assistance.

Fall leaves no way out

According to the initial reconstruction, according to the newspaper VareseNews, the man was intending to garden on land just outside the city when he lost his balance and fell.

Causes of the fall have not yet been confirmed: Disease? or something else? It will be up to the investigators to clarify this point.

Rescue arrived immediately, although unfortunately there was not much to do for the unfortunate octogenarian.

Fire Department (Pixabay)

In addition to the aforementioned cantonal police, Chiasso Municipal Police personnel enter to support them, as well as the last units of Ambulance Service Mendrisiotto (Sam) The firefighter Mendrisiototo Fire Brigade Rescue Center (CSCPM).

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Despite this, the man died from injuries sustained in the impact of the collision. A tragic way to start the weekend, which is unfortunately not new.

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In fact, the past month has been plagued by numerous incidents of vacationers, who have risked their lives and in some cases, like today, have paid dearly for a moment of distraction.