Saturday, July 20, 2024

In the United States, Maxi Cypriot attacked hundreds of companies


Maxi ransomware attack in the United States. The Washington Post reports that hundreds of companies have been affected. But probably many more will be affected. Hackers targeted the American information technology company Kasaya on Friday night. The company has confirmed that it has been hit by a “sophisticated cyber attack” in its VSA software, a set of tools used by IT departments to remotely manage and monitor computers. The company said only about 40 customers were affected.

Hacking could have spread to thousands of victims as large IT companies providing contract services to hundreds of small businesses use Kasia’s software. Casey has warned all of its nearly 40,000 customers to disconnect Casey software immediately. Cybersecurity firm Honduras Labs said it had affected 20 IT companies known as managed service providers. More than 1,000 of these companies’ customers, mostly small businesses, have been affected by the hack, according to Huntrus Labs Reddit.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it were thousands of companies,” said Fabian Voser, chief technology officer at MCSoft, a company that provides software and advice to help companies against ransomware attacks. “We don’t know yet because it’s the longest weekend in the United States” ahead of the July 4 national holiday celebrations. This attack is one of the biggest in history, as a large number of companies could be affected. Researchers have blamed the attack on Revil, the same hacker group that attacked Jobs Meets earlier this year. Cyprus could escalate tensions between the United States and Russia as US President Joe Biden meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva a few weeks later, warning that the United States will hold Moscow responsible for cyber attacks from Russia.

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Unlike most ransomware attacks (which is a type of malware that blocks access to the affected device, it requires a ransom to remove control), it seems that Revolt did not attempt to steal sensitive data before blocking the victims, Voser said.

“We have identified the source of the damage and are preparing a link to mitigate it,” said Kiesa CEO Fred Vokola. Cybercriminals sent out two separate redemption requests on Friday, demanding $ 50,000 from small firms and $ 5 million from large firms. Meanwhile, the US Federal Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency is taking action to counter the attack.

In 2020 ransomware attacks increased significantly in frequency and intensity. A report by a working group of more than 60 experts said that by 2020, nearly 2,400 people in the country’s governments, health systems and schools will be infected by ransomware. These organizations paid more than $ 412 million to the attackers. According to analyst firm Signalysis, last year’s redemption payments. After the attack on the colonial pipeline in May, U.S. companies urged U.S. companies to strengthen their cyber security.


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