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Traffic lights, here comes the new device that instantly fines you: Be careful |  Here’s how to identify them

Traffic lights, here comes the new device that instantly fines you: Be careful | Here’s how to identify them

A new device for hunting bad guys is coming (Web)

How many of us have stopped to think about the origin and history of traffic lights while waiting to turn from red to green? These devices, now ubiquitous in our cities, play an essential role in regulating traffic and preventing accidents.

The first traffic lights were born at the end of the 19th century, and were manually operated by operators who, located in special booths, activated the lights according to the needs of traffic. Their task was to ensure the safety of intersections, and to avoid collisions between vehicles crossing them at the same time.

With the exponential increase in vehicular traffic, traffic lights have become indispensable elements in the urban landscape. Thanks to it, pedestrians and vehicles can move in an orderly and safe manner, reducing the risk of accidents. Modern traffic lights are now equipped with advanced electronic systems that make them more efficient and adaptable to different traffic situations.

In addition to ensuring safe traffic, traffic lights also have a direct impact on traffic flow. In fact, correct timing of traffic lights can significantly reduce waiting times and improve the efficiency of the road system.

New law enforcement devices

Technology has always played a major role in improving road safety. From simple manual lights, we have moved on to automated traffic lights, camera systems and speed detectors. And now, a new innovation is about to hit our streets.

While many cities are adopting automatic red-light detection systems, Modena decided to take it one step further. The Municipal Administration has acquired the Velocar, the latest generation of devices.

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In these cases now there will be no escape (web)

Velocar is not just a red light lane detection system. With its advanced technology, it is able to provide photographs and video of vehicles before and after the stop line, ensuring solid evidence in the event of a violation. But that’s not all: automatic number plate recognition also works at night, keeping the system operational 24 hours a day. And as if that weren’t enough, Velocar can also provide static traffic data, providing a valuable tool for departments in urban mobility planning.

In an era when road safety and traffic efficiency are paramount, innovations such as Velocar represent an important step towards a safer and more sustainable future for all road users.