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This newly discovered planet is much hotter than molten lava

This newly discovered planet is much hotter than molten lava

A new planet named Hell has been discovered TOI-1431b. First reported to insiders in 2019 by NASA’s Exoplanet Survey Training Satellite, astronomers confirmed the strange world discovery through follow-up observations.

The celestial body is also known as MASCARA-5b, It is located about 490 light-years from Earth and is three times larger than Jupiter. The world revolves so close to its star that it completes a tour in two and a half days; Not for nothing that was included in the ranking of the most important planets discovered so far.

Temperatures are too high from Most of the minerals have evaporated The TOI-1431b is my husband Hotter than some red dwarf stars. “The planet is hotter than the melting point of most minerals and hotter than the molten lava. In fact, the temperature of the planet during the day is 40% warmer than the temperature of the stars in the Milky Way. The planet’s temperature approaches the exhaust temperature of the rocket engine“Astrophysicist Brett Addison said.

Planet too Another interesting feature: its orbit is retractingThat is, it moves In the opposite direction to what is normally expected. “If you look at the solar system, then all the planets rotate in the same direction in which the sun is rotating and they are all on the same plane. The orbit of this new planet is so tilted that it is actually traveling in the opposite direction of its host star’s rotationFinally, Addison explains.