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This is what happened with Alessandro Vicenanza.  Previews

This is what happened with Alessandro Vicenanza. Previews

Roberta di Padua left men and women. According to Lorenzo Bugnaloni’s previews, this is what would have happened during the recording of yesterday’s episode, Tuesday, December 12. The lady from Cassino decided to leave Maria De Filippi’s proposal alone, after she saw the attitude of Alessandro Vicenanza, who after their kiss decided that they would also meet Cristina Tenuta.

Ida Platano to Versimo: “Alessandro? He left me. I no longer feel anything.” Then Tuvanen: “What if Ricardo comes back?” She: “Great love.”

Roberta di Padua leaves men and women

But let’s go in order. Cristina has already refused to accept Ida Platano’s ex’s number specifically because he got close to Roberta again.

However, de Padua herself seems to have prompted the lady to accept this figure precisely to assess the knight’s position.

Therefore, Roberta, who has never hidden her interest in Alessandro, announces that she does not want to stay in the program knowing that he intends to meet other people, and that is why she decides to leave.

Men and Women, Ida Platano Tronista: Alessandro Vicenanza’s reaction. “How could he actually want to meet someone else? I would never go flirt with her again.”

Crowd reaction

A decision that will certainly anger fans. On the other hand, followers warned her: “The wolf loses his fur, but he does not lose his vice.” In fact, a year ago, Alessandro stopped their acquaintance precisely because he fell in love with Ida Platano.