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"I finished treatment because of my personality"

“I finished treatment because of my personality”

paper house“, one of the major series of the global hit Netflix streaming channel, covering heroes with unexpected fame. Waiting for the final season of “paper house“, Jaime Llorentewho plays the role Denver, admits that he did not stand up to the wave of fame: “It was heavy – he explained – I needed treatment.”

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Denver career – Jimmy Llorente – is on the rise, and despite his participation in many other projects, the character Denver plays in “paper houseHe left his fingerprints on him:I needed therapy, I need it and will definitely need it – Explained in an interview with GQ Spain, as reported by “” – I have someone put together a series of instructions for me because in the end, what I experienced through thick and thin was surprising, it was very severe, and it was heavy. And all this happened in a very short time, so I devoted myself to myself and to the people who love me, and I had to allow myself to help me do everything in the best possible way».

In the meantime, there is great anticipation for the fifth and final season of “”paper houseThe Netflix series will be split into two parts, with the first five episodes arriving on September 3 and the last on December 3.

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