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This is the winning word for the guillotine

This is the winning word for the guillotine

From ring to ring Mattia has become a familiar presence for L’Eredità . viewers. The Christmas episode of Rai presents a great gift for the hero: 70 thousand euros. Here is the prize money that Mattia won tonight on the show by Flavio Encina. The contestant passed the different stages of the show, the contestant was able to eliminate all the competitors and sit on the chair and Put your headphones on to face the final.

Gf Vip and Sophie are in a crisis between Alessandro and Gianmaria. Sully launches his criticism: “With me…”

In this way, Mattia, an art writer born in Pordenone but now from adopted Piedmont, continues to hold firmly in his head the crown of the Rai 1 competition show champion, could be the heir to Canoletta’s super hero. arrived in guillotine Mattia found the word connecting the two remaining and the victory he put in his pocket. another one. And the word that got him the booty is: Million.

Legacy, Mattia as Canolita?

Last year in the same period (December 23 to be exact), Massimo Canoletta bid farewell to the program that saw him as the 51-episode hero and 33 times reached the guillotine. With a booty of 280,000 euros, the contestant withdrew to return to Lecce for his loved ones: «Now I’m finally going to make the crib» He got everyone moving, including Flavio Insinna. Now Mattia, in his perennial shirt and glasses that give him that intellectual air that mothers love so much at home, seems ready to take the wand that Canolita left.

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