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This is how other European countries do

This is how other European countries do

Agree with several proposals on how to reduce waste of gas and energy: find out with us some of the most interesting measures

Gas and energy prices are rising across Europe. In the coming months, the bills will rise significantly, especially as the cold may arrive. The priority for the Italian government, at the moment, is to find a measure that can effectively reduce consumption, without burdening the population too much. An exact plan has yet to be approved, but the Minister for Environmental Transformation, Roberto Cingolani, has given some pointers on how to stop the waste.

In particular, Cingulani suggested lowering the heating temperature in private homes as well as in public offices by one degree. Moreover, according to the Minister of Environmental Transformation, the plants must be operated for an hour less. While we wait to find out about the official Italian plan to contain consumption and see if it will follow these indications, let’s analyze some interesting measures that can be used to reduce waste.

Reducing Waste: Here’s How

The measures we are going to talk about are those that have been agreed by other European countries. Countries such as Germany, France, Portugal and Spain have already launched plans aimed at reducing gas and electricity consumption. As mentioned Rai newsIn Spain, some measures are already valid. Among these obligations, shops are obligated to turn off the lights in the windows starting at 10 pm and that the air-conditioning temperature should not drop below 27 degrees. We are still on the Iberian Peninsula, but we are moving to Portugal: in this country, as in Italy, there is still debate about what measures should be approved. One of the most popular proposals is to reduce the opening hours of shops, which can only be open from Sunday to Thursday. The only exception would be restaurants and cinemas.

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In Germany, from September 1, a limit will be imposed on the temperature of heating public buildings, which should not exceed 19 degrees. Furthermore, no heating for driveways and other transit areas. Moreover, between 10 pm and 6 am, the illuminated signs cannot be turned on. However, in France, the suspension of public lighting will be in effect from one in the morning until six in the morning. Finally, all businesses where air conditioning or heating is turned on should leave the doors closed. Will Italy take inspiration from some of these actions in order to formulate a plan to combat waste? We will find out soon.

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