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‘Queen Elizabeth’s irregularities and jokes’, as Meghan Markle uses her podcast against the royal family

The controversy has not stopped for a moment since Meghan Markle decided to present her podcast on Spotify called models. The comments made in the last episode of the podcast appear to have badly offended the Queen.

Every word he utters Meghan Markle She is able to make more ripples in the already ingrained relationship with her husband’s family Harry. This is not a mystery. But, apparently, the former star suit She’ll be able to make her nervous again Queen Elizabeththus angering the entire royal family.

The Queen Hates Her Grandson’s Wife Archetypes Podcast (Captained) –

a reproach He was already arriving from his father-in-law Carlo. In fact, the Prince of Wales would have reminded his daughter-in-law of what health conditions the Queen was currently living in would be. Very incompatible with other sorrows. Thus it would be better to avoid other punches, disagreements and useless provocations from internal wars.

We could have imagined that Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the royal family wouldn’t be happy with each other audio notation models by Meghan Markle. But now the first official confirmations about royal blame by insiders close to the Queen. The monarch was not descending the way his nephew’s wife argued at length on her streaming show about the complexity of her life within the royal family. He doesn’t even want to hear her say that it was. Disappointed From the fact that the queen herself did not protect her or understand her enough.

So the Queen is offended by what her grandson’s wife shares through the podcast models

Meghan’s main topic wasfemale ambition. According to her, the situation was misunderstood and degraded to members of the royal family. Members of the royal family had been caught off guard by these words from hidden attacks Sneaky addressed to the Queen. In fact, Markle reiterated several times that she suffered unfair treatment. But who? The royals wouldn’t like it, for example, when she told Meghan what time she was supposed to return to official events a few hours after discovering her son archery He was almost involved in a fire in Africa.

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Megan's Podcast -
Markle’s official podcast image (Spotify) –

Looks like the Queen got upset and frustrated after listening models Or find out its main contents through a report. Meghan basically said she heard Suffocated and corrupted credibility as a woman. Elizabeth II, on the other hand, is convinced that she welcomed her warmly and gave her maximum support.

The Queen’s press office may soon be wary of revealing other hinter allegations about the Queen through its podcast. A head-to-head confrontation between Carlo and Harry is expected within a week. In fact, the former prince will come with his family to England for a week of vacations at the Queen’s estate. And there will be confrontation. If she feels more fit, Elizabeth will also want to meet her nephew and his wife.