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They leave the car at the airport and go on vacation, and on their return they find a fine for speeding.  "We are confused"

They leave the car at the airport and go on vacation, and on their return they find a fine for speeding. “We are confused”

Incredible story. Gary Thornburn And the Claire BirdsFrom LeedsIt is a town in the county of Yorkshire in theEngland North, they left their car at the front deskan airport From Manchester before going to Murcia (Spain) for 13 days with their children and friends. But when they came back, they found one Attention to Greater Manchester Police where the Golf GTI was said to have been captured on cameras while traveling at 90 km/h in an area with speed limits About 20 km / h.

They return after a three-year journey, but the house is occupied by tenants who no longer let them in

the story

The couple left the car at the entrance to Terminal 3 on a day August 3So, they came home August 16However, the police message stated that their vehicle was traveling on Alan Turing Road August 5Exactly two days after Gary and Claire left the country. The two called the police to clarify that they were in Spain at the time of the alleged crime.

However, Manchester Airport stated that the car was brought to Safe place by the reception staff and they have stayed there throughout the entire couple’s trip. Airport staff also said that the car in the speed camera photo is different from Gary and Clare’s.

The cops are sledding down the highway in the middle of the night. “I was following the navigator”

Mr. Thornburn said: “We got back just before midnight when my wife told me I had received a speeding ticket on August 5. I immediately said it could not be us. We were still on vacation. We left the car on Wednesday, August 3, around 10pm. I knew they were going to take her somewhere else, to a safe place. We used the official reception agency because we wanted to make sure the car was well taken care of. I never thought anyone would walk so fast. It is a very serious and criminal offense.”

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An airport spokesperson said: “We are aware that a customer who booked a Meet & Greet position at our facility has received a criminal case from Greater Manchester Police, relating to an alleged speeding offense that occurred while on vacation. We understand the seriousness of the situation and immediately launched an investigation. However, this investigation made it clear that the vehicle booked with us remained in a storage area until the customer received it upon his return. The car key was also stored safely.