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The whole truth about Davide Donady, Roberta de Padua and Beatrice Buonocore

The whole truth about Davide Donady, Roberta de Padua and Beatrice Buonocore

Influencer and former matchmaker for men and women, Chiara Rabi, reveals all about her controversial love story with Davide Donadi, the meeting with Roberta di Padua and the rapprochement between her ex-husband and Beatrice Buonocore: “He needs to come out.”

Chiara Rabe explodes on social media and unmasks Davide Donadi. Tired of Paulian’s behaviour,Former suitor for men and women decided to Reveal the full truth about the breakup with Tronista He tells about him suffering And the truth of that He continues to talk about them only and exclusively for the sake of vision.

The Whole Truth by Chiara Rabi

Chiara Rabe She returned to talk about her controversial love story with… David Donady. a A story that ended two years ago but is still at the heart of gossip. The latest episode flashes back to a few hours ago when the two were together Former men’s and women’s champions They started teasing each other and exchanging social criticisms. Fed up with the situation, the influencer decided to go for it To spill the beans and list the different stages of their breakup in detail:

This person passed one thing off as something else and now I don’t buy it anymore. We broke up two summers ago and we had a really bad fight and it was July 16th. He came home after the fight, I was so angry, I asked him where he was and asked to see his cell phone. On that occasion I grabbed his arm and asked him for the phone with heated words, whereupon he became angry and told me that I had put my hands on him. He asks to be picked up and leaves telling me he doesn’t want to see me anymore. It goes away and I feel terrible about it.

What happened was that in the meantime he had the desire to become a girlfriend at any cost, and that bothered me. We arrived on Sunday 17th July and I had an event in Rome and was asked to stay there for a while at my parents house. I come back and hell from there. He posted the end of the breakup, even though I didn’t know it was permanent. From there I receive reports. A girl who had gone to my house called me and sent me pictures and videos. Making a mess so I didn’t leave the house for 33 days, I was really sick because I was in love. Meanwhile I tried to get my life back together until the report came out from Roberta de Padua.

Chiara Rabe unmasks David Donade

During the Direct social, Kiara Then he continued talking about A famous comparison occurred in the study of men and womenthe follower Alleged flirtation with Roberta di Paduathe former kindergarten lady is today happily engaged to Alessandro Vicenanza, and David’s adventures unfolded while he was participating in Big Brother VIP:

I was hoping to go back even though I was becoming crazy as a psychopath. After the confrontation, I was like shit because he made me look like a visionary […] We don’t talk anymore, I’ll take my life into my own hands. When Roberta’s thing came out, they said they didn’t go into the room but because they had to present their documents and they would be recognized. He told me they stopped in the car. Then it happens that he walked into my girlfriend, I saw him on TV, I missed him, and the manager called me and informed me that he was having an affair with someone who was a friend of mine. Hatred grew in me there, because I didn’t believe he could do that, and I didn’t think he would nominate me just to get fame. When he came out in April, there was little rapprochement. We start seeing each other in secret from the agency because they were against this thing. At the end of September everything changes: as if I opened my eyes…

Today I give him this hype, he tried to harass me but it didn’t work. We saw each other two weeks ago at an event and didn’t run away. It makes you believe who knows what, but that’s not the case […] It needs perspectives and vision. Maybe the sponsors are done, I’m moving on with my life and I’m moving forward, and soon everything ends up being ruined. I try to rebuild my life and it quickly falls apart because this exhausting existence just won’t go away.

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About instead of a The alleged rapprochement between David and his former suitor, Beatrice Buonocore (He was not chosen and at that time was Chiara’s opponent for men and women), the Rabbi He explained:

I don’t know if that’s true or not, I know they resented him and followed him on social media. One thing’s for sure: He doesn’t think much of me, but he might as well say so on social media. I can’t deal with it anymore. Did we say stop? Well, I wish you the best. The essence of live streaming? David doesn’t want me, he makes people think he wants me to create noise!

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