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The US economy continues to run

The US economy continues to run

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The S&P 500 is the new all-time high. Many factors supported the purchases, the first being the positive start of the country’s quarterly season and the reduction in D-note yields.

The S&P 500 is the new all-time high. Many factors supported the purchases, firstly, the positive start of the country’s quarterly season, which will reduce the yield of the D-note. The words of the vice president of the Central Bank Clarida may have contributed to this decline, saying the company will have to intervene if the rise in inflation expectations continues. There are two signs to note: the first is related to higher wage increases than productivity, and the second is the shift in consumer prices from the increase in production prices. It is also interesting to note that Powell said that the central bank would begin to reduce the asset purchase path (now $ 120 billion per month) long before raising interest rates. Meanwhile, the US economy continues to show signs of improvement. It is important to illustrate how the claims for unemployment benefits mentioned yesterday have reached a low level since the onset of the epidemic. Considering the latest reports of the Central Bank. Given the risk of inflation and the pace of the vaccine campaign in the United States (37.3% of the population received at least one dose), the US Federal Reserve could soon think of a more controllable monetary policy than expected. At the geopolitical front, China seems to have been occupied by Russia when Biden arrived at the White House. The United States has in fact imposed a series of sanctions on Moscow, including restrictions on sovereign borrowing.

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This morning, investors will focus on eurozone data, especially the March (final) old continent inflation rate forecast of 1.3%. For the United States, however, the focus will be on building permits and new buildings in March. Spotlight on Consumer Confidence Expanded by the University of Michigan (April, Preliminary). On the quarterly front, on the other hand, Morgan Stanley’s accounts for the first quarter of 2021 will be released.

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