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The update improves how it works with PS4 games –


Kurt Margenau, co-director of The Last of Us Part 2, revealed that in April, Sony released a Update Firmware for DualSense for PS5 Which improves her work with PS4 games In backward compatibility. Thanks to him, Sony’s next generation of controllers improves haptic feedback even in those games it wasn’t made for, giving you a better feel.

Kurt Margenau is only revealing it now, as that difference is now noticeable that the last patch from Us 2 is available for download.

Naughty Dog CEO explained via Twitter: “Since many of you are dating TLOU2 on the PS5, you might notice the haptic feedback looks better. This is due to the DualSense controller firmware update last April.”

DualSense is now able to duplicate DualShock 4’s notes perfectly, to get better performance with all games in Compatibility. It was Kurt Margenau himself who asked Sony for this update months ago and thanks to his observations, the “timing”, intensity, and love of the console vibrations are more true to what the authors originally intended.

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