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The United States plans to create a movie studio in space, and it will be ready by 2024

The United States plans to create a movie studio in space, and it will be ready by 2024

After “The Challenge”, Russia’s first film shot in space, the United States plans to build a film studio on the edge of the space station by 2024.

Space exploration is something that has always fascinated man who, in fact, with the passage of years and the refinement of his studies, managed to achieve a certain degree of knowledge that allows experts and volunteers to complete tasks. But it is human nature to always try to push one’s limits, and this is how the United States thinks of doing it A movie studio in space by 2024.

The movie is in Russian space

The idea actually arose out of a latent competition, as a result of the space race between the USA and the Soviet Union in the 1960s, which re-emerged after Russia announced that it had made a movie on the space station. It’s the Challenge: the story of a surgeon who decides to take part in a mission aboard the International Space Station to save the life of an astronaut. To make this film, therefore, the actress Yulia Peresild and the manager Shipenko . climb They spent twelve days in space with Anton Chkaplerov One of the seasoned explorers of the universe. So now it’s the United States’ turn, ready to raise the stakes.

US project

As Variety reports, in fact, the Space Entertainment Enterprise that produces Tom Cruise films plans to build a sports arena and production studio in space by 2024. It should be called see- l According to the first hypotheses, it should host musical, sports and television events and also be the basis for future films, and would also allow artists and directors to see their projects realized in a setting consisting of low orbit and microgravity. In fact, the American star had to leave last October to shoot a movie in space, using a project that also involved Elon Musk and NASA. According to the news in the cinema, this may not be necessary, because this small corner of the production far from planet Earth will be hosted by the Axiom station, which should separate from the space station by 2028.

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