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The trick is to prevent spying on the chat

The trick is to prevent spying on the chat

Thanks to the simple setup, you can keep your Whatsapp chats safe and prevent others from reading it

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The likelihood that someone will be able to read private messages The WhatsApp Nobody likes it, but it’s not far these days. Sometimes you forget about yourself Mobile phone On a desk while at work or other situations arise that may lead to exposure to Aggregate.

Now the instant messaging app contains a large amount of personal informationThis is why that conversation It must be filed in the same way it is kept as an official document.

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Whatsapp: How you can prevent others from reading our conversation

Don’t be afraid though. The WhatsApp Over time, it developed many protective tools, particularly for remedy Hacker. At the same time, he also created some settings to try to overcome any of our neglects.

Also with respect to conversation There is a way to prevent others from viewing it in our absence. Actually, if you don’t have a Phone security system (password or similar) You can always play around Fingerprint blocking app (which, obviously, can never be copied).

In order to set up this guard all that remains is to go up account and then Privacy. Scroll down to find the job Fingerprint Lock. Once activated, you can access the application only and exclusively by pressing your finger.

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Although this is the possibility he anticipated Settings, Many ignore it, which is why it’s a good idea to point out. One way to allow people to be able to protect themselves and get into potentially irritating situations.

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