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The three things you didn't notice about the Dall'Ara match

The three things you didn’t notice about the Dall’Ara match

Bologna Juventus: The 3 things you didn’t notice about the Dalara game. The bizarre episodes caught most people’s attention

Bologna Juventus: The three things you did not notice. Beyond qualifying in the Champions League, beyond the team’s impressive performance, with the exception of eliminating Cristiano Ronaldo. Three episodes that caught the attention of many.

1. Dybala Buffon’s hug, beautiful and spontaneous

After the 0-2 goal, a beautiful and honest embrace between Gigi Buffon and Paolo Dybala, who scored the assist to Morata. A meaningful gesture that impressed many Juventus fans

2. Cuadrado watches Napoli on his smartphone

First from the host’s cell phone, then from the smartphone of DAZN reporter Davide Bernardi. Juan Cuadrado lived frantically two / three minutes after the triple whistle: thus the final explosion of joy. “He ran to the stadium, dancing with my phone. I had to meet Chiellini and said, “Okay Joan, bring him to me later.” The reporter said

3. The dialogue in the dressing room between Nedved and Karrubeni

On social media, there has been much controversy over the alleged conversation between Nedved and Cherubini, immortalized by the post-victory selfie in the locker room. Were the discussions about the future of Pirlo and the project really? In fact, the two seem to be hugging and smiling at each other

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