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The stunning launch of the ULA Delta IV heavy missile for the NROL-82 mission

The stunning launch of the ULA Delta IV heavy missile for the NROL-82 mission

Time to Space launches And when it comes to heavy rams, there is always a certain expectation. The mission of the Great Rocket was completed yesterday evening (Italian time) with success ULA Delta IV Heavy That brought the satellite Task Known as Nerol 82.

This missile from United Launch Alliance (ULA) is one of the few who can manage this type of task. Other similar solutions are Falcon Heavy From SpaceX that has already been used in the past for other missions including the National Reconnaissance Office (the mission NRO abbreviation comes from here)

Delta IV Heavy ULA launched

Since it is a secret payload, we do not know what the actual benefit of the (spy) satellite is, nor its precise orbit. Despite everything, the sight of a rocket is the size ofULA Delta IV Heavy With the three Supporter It’s always impressive.

The launch was from Space Launch Complex-6 at Vandenberg, California. This is the first launch in 2021 of the United Launch Alliance And everything was done according to the protocol. There was some weather concern in the hours before takeoff and just before takeoff due to a possible collision warning. Anyway everything resolved.

I. Delta IV heavy

It is interesting to note that this company is nearing the end of its career, bearing in mind that its last flight was scheduled between 2023 and 2024 and so far there have been 13 launches while the Delta IV 42 models have been launched. Four of them are still missiles. Everyone will participate in missionsNo (Two from Florida and two from California). distanceULA Delta IV Heavy There will be a new Vulcan Centaur that promises to be cheaper and reusable (in its future developments).

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This missile uses engines Rocketdyne RS-68A missile Which contained 312.3 kN of thrust for the first stage. A motor is provided for the second stage Rocketdin RL10B-2 Which uses an extendable nozzle that provides a thrust of 110.1 kN. The fuel used is liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen which is why Features The flame that can be seen is rising Supporter When switching. The PresentMade of composite material, in this assignment its dimensions were 19.2 x 5 meters. The Rocket Altogether, it is 71 meters in height.

ula delta iv release is heavy

One minute after launch, the missile travels over 3,200 km / h while after a short time it reaches 15 times the speed of sound. During ascent, 2 tons of fuel and 2 tons of boat are consumed per second. The two Supporter The Wild is not recovered and falls back into the ocean. Gary Wentz (VP ULA) Male “The unparalleled power of the Delta IV Heavy has once again proven its role as a proven heavy vehicle that precisely delivers these important NRO assets into its intended orbit.”.