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Gully-Bonasini, Light in the video in Cordobianca

Gully-Bonasini, Light in the video in Cordobianca

“Why are you so nervous?” “Shame on you …”. Sparks on TV during a confrontation between Emilia Romagna’s governor Stefano Bonacini and Professor Massimo Gully, head of infectious diseases at Sacco Hospital in Milan. ‘The Ring’ is an episode of Cordobianca, the referee forced the contest to re-open in the glowing and yellow zone under the title Bianca Perlingure Vaccine.

“The EU has missed an opportunity. Multinational companies have made a semi-masterpiece in the production of vaccines, but they are ashamed when they do not honor the contracts they have signed. If they get the required amount, we will talk about another situation. Eventually June. We will not have full intensive care units,” says Bonasini. Gully shakes her head and intervenes. “If you put the cart in front of the horse and re-open the signal that everyone is free, that’s not good.” Bonacini “When he says this is not Italy’s fault, it’s Europe’s fault, he is somewhat true: as a country we can not guarantee the vaccines we need. When others close, we open, Bonacini ச”, says the professor.

Gully: “Dinner at a restaurant? I don’t have time, I always work”

“Gully, are you saying that Drake and the government are irresponsible?” Asks the head of Emilia Romagna. And the temperature will rise. “I do not agree with a technical point of view, I do not fall into the trap of making political judgments. I have never been in a relationship with governments or regional powers since the beginning of this situation. The data speak for themselves, the calculations made are not done on a scientific basis, my boy – gall inflammation. These decisions are political in nature, We get to see a few hundred or a few thousand deaths from this perspective, which is very clear: it is good that we should try to pursue some economic activity, but do not be hypocritical. Do not take the position of conflict between politicians with me … “. “Why are you so nervous?” Bonacini insists. And the narrator explodes: “But be ashamed! You’re using bad tricks”, blunting Gully, while trying to restore calm in the Berlingwear attachments.

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“The choices made at the forefront of reopening, the government put its face to and cut me off from the view of technical evaluation,” Gully explains at another point in the broadcast. “I was expecting more rigor in considering the situation. If you decide on openings, you will openly say that at least one choice is dictated by political and economic factors, with the awareness of facing a serious problem from an epidemiological point of view.”