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The strange story of a slice of salami turned into a spatial image

The strange story of a slice of salami turned into a spatial image

Sunday, July 31, French physicist Etienne Klein He posted on his Twitter profile (with nearly 100,000 followers) a photo of a circular object colored in shades of red and white protruding from a black background. The image was accompanied by a very clear description: «Image of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the Sun 4.2 light-years away from us. Captured by JWST. Look at this level of detail…a new world is unfolding day by day.” JWST stands for Telescope James Webband it’s just July 12 Submitted Pictures taken in Places in the universe thousands of light years away from Earth. Also on July 31, Klein posted another comment, by which it can be guessed that something was not quite right in the description of the photo posted on Twitter: “According to contemporary cosmology, there is no object belonging to Spanish cured meat anywhere but on Earth » The posted photo was not like that Proxima Centauri. Those white and red spots seen on the surface were fleshy, seasoned meat: in fact the photo depicted a slice of spicy chorizo, an Iberian salami.

The moral of the joke: “We learn to beware of the authorities”

In a subsequent tweet, Klein clarified that the photo he posted was not Proxima Centauri: “We learn to distrust both the authority arguments and the spontaneous rhetoric of certain photos…”. Apparently the joke has gone viral tooOn August 3, the physicist tweeted another apology to all those who thought salami was Proxima Centauri. Klein explained that the shot was just “blague d’un scienceA world joke.

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