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The solar system, something exploded and flooded everything: will there be consequences?

The solar system, something exploded and flooded everything: will there be consequences?

There are many events happening in the universe. Scientists have recorded a rather significant one. Let’s talk about.

Comet – Image by pixabay –

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It really happened. A celestial body passed through space by crossing it Solar System. It is no coincidence that similar events take place, many of them happen every day, every minute and second pass through the universe with celestial bodies of different types.

Ice comet, massif, meteorite? What about this time? And above all, because the phenomenon aroused interest scientific community?

The passage of the orb seems to have left parts of it in the celestial arc of its course: it is Risk for our planet? Let’s find out together.

Solar System: An Explosion Awakens Scientists’ Attention.

planet of the solar system
Asteroids – Image by pixabay –

The subject of the article is a very special celestial body. We’re talking about an icy volcanic comet that seems to have made its presence particularly noticeable. As it passed, and thus crossed the solar system, the comet disturbed all the celestial coverings around it by emission Gas, debris and ice.

called scientific phenomenon.outburst“From the meaning of ‘explosion’ which referred to the strange behavior of the orb that seemed to be almost on the run. The orb was immediately christened. 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann It is for one scholar Periodic comet.

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What is a periodic comet? A periodic comet is a celestial body with a very short orbital period, less than 200 years, that moves across the sky according to a precise pattern. Periodic comet is used 14.9 years old It revolves around the sun until it finally saturates to blow up.

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The recorded event is exactly that of an explosion icy comet Occur annually or twice a year. The eruption lasts about two weeks, sometimes one week. During the event, the comet shines with its own light and spreads the energy as it is volcanically active

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Researchers NASA They reported the dread of the explosion being recorded because such crushing force had never been recorded before. The magnitude of the explosion was found to be noteworthy. And from November 22 The comet explodes and continues to spew cold gas and ice from its overheated nucleus.

The recorded detonation phenomenon bears the name “volcanoesGiven the duration of the event, scientists believe that comet 29P / Schwassmann-Wachmann will leave behind tons of debris and cold gases. The cryomagma expelled by the comet consists mostly of carbon monoxide and gaseous nitrogen that is emitted for more than 60,000 km quickly across the solar system 1,295 km / h.