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The site is a mystery

The site is a mystery

Squat with your hands over your eyes and your body covered with ropes. This is how it appeared to researchers The mummy of a man who died 800 years ago, located in a coastal area not far from lima in Peru. Archaeologists believe that it dates back to the pre-Columbian culture that developed between the Andes Mountains and the Pacific coast. The mysterious position and the ropes that wrap the body are of great interest to researchers: at the moment, the hypothesis is that it could have been a funeral rite.

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“The main feature of this mummy is that the whole body is tied with ropes and covers the face, which would be part of the funeral rites,” explained Van Dalen Luna of San Marcos University. One of the archaeologists who found the discovery and are studying it now. “Now a radiocarbon scan will give more accurate information about the age” of the mummy, who is mysteriously tied with ropes and covers her face with her hands. The tomb from which it was excavated also contained pottery pieces, stone tools and the remains of some plants.

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