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This little seasonal fruit can be a natural remedy for cholesterol and gut problems

This little seasonal fruit can be a natural remedy for cholesterol and gut problems

We know that eating seasonal fruits and vegetables helps the body to keep fit and protect the body. Actually this A healthy habit every day keeps us healthy and prolongs life.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables (5 servings per day) can reduce mortality and chronic disease. For example, this Unexpected seasonal vegetables keep your brain and heart healthy. but still, Here are three vitamin-rich fruits that we should definitely eat in October.

One of the most famous citrus fruits

There are many fruits that fall and winter give us. One of the most appreciated and admired is the small orange citrus fruit. It has wrinkled, fluffy skin and is absolutely gorgeous. It has juicy and aromatic wedges and has a sweet or slightly tart flavor (depending on variety).

Let’s talk about tangerine, very similar to the orange but smaller in size. Its origins are Asian, but it is also grown in our country, especially in regions with a temperate climate.

The tree from which it grows does not take up much space and can be planted easily. Like all citrus plants, it is very afraid of the cold. But even high temperatures can damage leaves and fruits.

The tangerine tree prefers simple soil rich in organic matter and well-draining (to avoid root problems). The plant blooms from February to summer. While its wonderful fruits are typical autumn and winter.

This little seasonal fruit can be a natural remedy for cholesterol and gut problems

Mandarin is a citrus fruit with countless beneficial properties. Vitamin C helps strengthen the immune system, and fights free radicals (which cause aging). But we also remember that this little seasonal fruit can be a natural remedy against cholesterol and intestinal problems.

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Among other things, mandarins are high in fiber that protects gut health. So a valid ally allows the regulation of intestinal activity.

The antioxidants in tangerines may also help the cardiovascular system and regulate bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. In short, a small but useful fruit is useful for our body.

But we also remember that nothing of this citrus fruit is eliminated. In fact, its peel, which is highly fragrant and rich in essential oils, can be used to scent the entire house.

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