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The return of minds, this is the news for those who decide to return to Italy

The return of minds, this is the news for those who decide to return to Italy

The percentage of subsidy provided to workers returning to Italy from abroad with children increases from 50% to 60%. According to what we know, this was stipulated in the legislative decree related to international taxes implementing the tax authorization, which was finally approved by the Council of Ministers.

It emphasized the benefits for expatriates

Overall, the ruling confirms and even creates the advantages enjoyed by expatriates Tougher since January: A 50% tax reduction, within the limits of a subsidized income of 600,000 euros, for workers with high qualifications or specialization requirements. Parents will be an exception, adopting the opinion of the rooms that requested a more convenient system for returning with children.

There are no bonuses for players and clubs, but they are evaluated

However, the question of the benefits received by football players and sports clubs still needs to be resolved: at the moment there are no bonuses, but the topic remains open for comprehensive evaluation.

“Brain re-entry” rules

Regarding the rules regarding the so-called “return of brains”, the latter takes into account some of the required changes of opinion regarding the decree expressed by the two chambers. Anyone who returns to Italy with young children or becomes a parent on the national territory and becomes resident will receive this Enhanced relief Which rises to 60%, compared to 50% for the rest of the workers who must meet the requirements for higher qualification or specialization. However, footballers are excluded from the benefits and the decree does not even include the opinion of the Chambers in assessing benefits for sports clubs also in the form of a tax credit: however, we learn from executive sources, that the issue is still under discussion from in-depth analysis.