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The reasons for Mancini’s farewell, the replacement of collaborators with former Juventus players and the fear of not building a new Italy.

The reasons for Mancini’s farewell, the replacement of collaborators with former Juventus players and the fear of not building a new Italy.

for two days Robert Mancini no longer coach National soccer. two days whereItaly From the ball he wondered about the reasons for this farewell, and this topic aroused more interest than the name of the coach’s successor (at the moment the favorite seems to be Luciano SpallettiThe alternative could be the return of Antonio Conte.
First as a player and then as a coach, Mancini is used to it Sudden strikes, spinning shots and technical choices unimaginable to mere mortals: champion on the field and master on the bench, Mancini decided to astonish us again on Sunday. This time, however, his selection has the flavor of an own goal, a feint that risks causing serious damage – if the need arises – to our national football team. Indeed, in a few days, the Italian cup holders will have to embark on the path to qualification for the next European Championship; However – with a Beck Sent from the Cyclades – Mancini informed the FIFA President, Gabriel GravinaResignation as coach of the national team. A bolt from the blue rocked National Football League’s August slumber and upended the news order, not just the sports dailies.

For once, little or nothing came from social networks: from his Instagram profile, the now ex-coach announced to his followers, one million and one hundred thousand in all, that “my resignation as coach of the national team was mine.” personal choiceA special thanks to the president and members of the federation, to the players and fans: “I will always carry in my heart the extraordinary victory of the European Championship 2020”, are the words with which the post ends. Definitely the victory in London marks the flagship of the Mancini administration, the culmination of a journey made up of victories and unforgettable matches. That is why The reason many believe that was the perfect moment to salute the curve, with the gold medal on the chest and the twin embrace of Luca Vialli as another precious seal of an eternal and wonderful friendship.It was not to be.A few months later came the burning and unexpected disappointment of Failed to qualify for the World Cup. Once again, many imagined seeing Mancini clear the turmoil, even before he was expelled from FIFA, a practically inevitable farewell. But not to Bobby’s goal, once again able to shake the habit with the hero dribbling.

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Instead, the resignation comes now, a few days after the decision fig to name it supervisor Of all the blue teams, an unprecedented promotion in the history of our national team. The flurry of votes and comments started immediately, most of which were strongly condemned. He commented, “I thought it wasn’t true.” Arego sake Who also left the national team totter in 1997 to return to Milan in difficulty. From the players, from Chiesa to Zaniolo, rather than words of affection. For some Mancini leaves because – in spite of everything – he would have been denied him Historical collaboratorsHe was largely replaced by former Juventus players such as Buffon and Barzagli. On the other hand, others argue that the flame went out after the disappearance of Gianluca Vialli, “Mancio’s” son-in-law for forty years. There are those who also claim that Yesi’s siren song is irresistibleThe Arabian PeninsulaHe is ready for a three-year contract worth twenty million years to train the Saudi national team. But for those who know Mancini well, the reasons will be due to the psychological discomfort of the coach, realizing that he has lost the ability to put together a new national team with a strong collective spirit.

We will know the truth soon. Perhaps, once again, Mancini will surprise everyone. We are sure it won’t be the last.