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Inner hostility with the help of coronavirus - Libero Quotidiano

Inner hostility with the help of coronavirus – Libero Quotidiano

Al-FathAfghanistan, Now an Islamic emirate, definitively completed by the Taliban. But who is the head of this group and now the whole country? It is difficult to understand what the Taliban’s internal power hierarchy is. First of all, there Yaqoob, the warlord who led the offensive, from occupying the provinces to entering the capital, Kabul. the thirty-year-old who arguably heads the jihadist military committee, He is the son of former Taliban leader Mullah Omar. However, it will not be the true pinnacle of the fundamentalist organization.

At the head of the Taliban movement, according to what was reported from the inside, exist God’s gift Akhundzadeh. Jacob, on the other hand, who took over the reins of the armed forces, must be a deputy. Compared to a young man in his thirties, Akhundzada represents a less deciding and less combative group at this point. In any case, nothing excludes the fact that he is the son of Mullah Omar who will soon become the leader, Elected unopposed after – rather easy – the reoccupation of Afghanistan.

But why would Akhundzada leave all this space for Jacob? to meIspiAnd The warlord could have contracted Covid. Since then, the leadership of the commander-in-chief of the army has been called into question. It’s not so much about the infection itself as about the consequences it can cause, the so-called Long-Covid. However, many could not help but notice how Jacob reacted after realizing that he had won, almost like a real leader: he said so The Taliban are willing to avoid reprisals against those who leave Afghanistan.

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