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The Pope meets with Israelis and Palestinians: No to terrorism

The Pope meets with Israelis and Palestinians: No to terrorism

Conflict in the Middle East at the General Audience Center in St. Peter’s Square. In fact, before the Catechism, the Pope received two delegations, one of Israelis with relatives held hostage by Hamas and the other of Palestinians with relatives held in prisons in the Jewish state. After the general interview, Francis stressed that both communities are “suffering greatly,” adding that in the Middle East, “we have overcome wars,” and are now facing “terrorism.” Hence the call to pray “a lot for peace.” May the Lord put His hand there, and may the Lord help us solve the problems and not move forward with the passions that ultimately kill everyone. Bergoglio added: “Let us pray for the Palestinian people, let us pray for the Israeli people, that peace may come.” The Pontiff also asks that we not forget those who suffer due to conflicts in other parts of the world, “especially for the dear people of Ukraine, the suffering Ukraine.”

Previously, the Pope continued his cycle dedicated to the passion of evangelization, stressing that the Christian message is for everyone. In fact, in the Gospel “there is a ‘humanizing power’, the fulfillment of life directed at every man and every woman, because Christ was born, died and rose for all.” For this reason, Christians must be “open, expansive, and receptive.” Style and character come from Jesus, who made his presence in the world “a continuous journey, aiming to reach everyone, and even to learn from some of his encounters.” Therefore, no pride in faith, to believe that we are superior to others because we have the gift of faith. Because, the Pope emphasizes, “when God chooses someone, he loves everyone. God does not call us to put us on a pedestal, but to make us free and courageous instruments of His great and all-encompassing love. The Church is not a place of perfect and perfect people, but a community of disciples who bear witness to the one who has known grace, Jesus, who intercedes for all, who prays, loves and gives himself for the world.

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