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Nuova Lancia Delta, forte legame con il passato

The new Lancia Delta, a strong connection to the past – the motoring world

the new Delta Lancia You will focus on the effect of nostalgia. The Turin automaker’s iconic model, famous worldwide for its rally success, will return to the road in 2028 as part of a relaunch plan that Stylantis envisioned for the Italian brand. The new Delta will be electric, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an entirely new model compared to what we knew at the turn of the ’80s and ’90s. Indeed, Lancia intends to maintain a strong connection between the futuristic car and the older generations, thus emphasizing the evolution of the car that made the history of the brand.

He was the CEO of Lancia himself Luca Napolitano To underscore how the new Delta will focus decisively on the influence of nostalgia, following a path similar to what has been done with the Fiat 500 in the past. The new generation will be born on the Stellantis medium STLA platform, providing a fully electrified architecture with a complete original electric powertrain and advanced technology. Thus, the design of this chassis will allow to maintain performance, without making purists regret the internal combustion engine that immediately turned their noses up thinking of an all-electric Deltone. However, on the other hand, the track is set, with the Lancia group that in the next ten years will welcome the new Ypsilon, already from 2024 with the release of the first EV and later another electric, a crossover that can be called the Aurelia, invoking another name that was once an icon in the range Italian brand.

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The first stage of the restart will end with The new Lancia Delta, which can also be produced in Italy, allowing Italy’s Stellantis to have an additional model to work on. Meanwhile, the Italian brand will cement its new premium career, with Napolitano himself identifying Mercedes as one of the main competitors cited in the brand’s development.

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